About our ISP; Ping Limited

Ping Limited is a Joint venture of CoLoCity Limited &   BD to ensure the best HD digital Bangladeshi content with best secured connectivity facility for customer better experiences.

About BD

Bongo is the future of entertainment. They are the first and biggest streaming video-on-demand service in Bangladesh. Bongo boasts an ever-growing library of over 15,000 full movies, dramas, TV shows, music videos and songs. This unique collection of Bangladeshi content is available through their website (www.bongobd.com), mobile app and other syndicated video delivery media. Bongo has already been recognized with a top start-up in Bangladesh award and has received acclaim from Silicon Valley and European based investment.

Bongo is the first online video service in Bangladesh to be actively involved in creating original content. Our aim is to publish a new episode of original creative content every day, for our wide audience.

Apart from Bongo Originals, their library contains aggregated contents from some of the biggest Labels and TV Channels in Bangladesh. All their content will be available on Bongo including all new releases.

PING is offering the below services:

Enterprise Segment Internet Service

Our Enterprise Division provides IP-based secure, flexible, robust & best in class enterprise solutions to corporates. PING offers a complete range of connectivity & system integration solutions/services such as High-Speed Internet & Data and other services. At PING (www.ping.com.bd), we’ve always believed that when you have the power to do more, your business goes places. PING (www.ping.com.bd) business plans are tailor-made to suit your business needs and deliver just what you require.

Home Segment Internet Service

PING Internet (www.ping.com.bd) service is spread across all the cities it is present in and is constantly expanding to cover more and more areas within the city. A vast majority of our network is built through NTTN. PING is an innovative and disruptive technology company, dedicatedly working to deliver joy, advantage and success for people through, and by, a continuous pursuit of excellence in internet services.

Our vision is to revolutionize broadband services to customer by providing simple-to-understand yet state-of-the-art services that will enable users to do so much more in their daily lives, thereby bringing them unprecedented advantage and joy, ultimately resulting in their success.

For more information, please visit www.ping.com.bd