Bringing Email, Calendaring and Chat/Videoconference into Zimbra for Enterprise-Level Collaboration

Zimbra includes complete email, contacts, calendar, file sharing, tasks and messaging/videoconferencing, all accessed from the Zimbra Web Client via any device. You can deploy Zimbra as a traditional on-prem install or through a Zimbra hosting provider.

What Is Zimbra Collaboration?

Zimbra Collaboration is the world’s leading open source messaging and collaboration solution, trusted by more than 5,000 companies and public sector customers, and over 500 million end users, in over 130 countries.

Zimbra includes complete email, contacts, calendar, file sharing, tasks and chat and can be accessed from the Zimbra Web client via any device and any other email client. You can deploy Zimbra as a traditional on-prem install or through a Zimbra hosting provider.

Enterprise Features

Complete Email & Collaboration Solution with High Availability

Zimbra offers sophisticated email, calendaring and collaboration features but is less complex to deploy/manage and is as much as 50% less expensive than Microsoft Exchange. Zimbra’s ability to offer varying classes of service for different users is especially attractive. Zimbra enables high availability through support for virtualization on XenServer, KVM and vSphere. Online backup and restore is also built-in, including at the individual mailbox level.

Deployment Agnostic

Deploy on-prem in your own data center, in a public or private cloud, or connect with a Zimbra Hosting Partner. Zimbra’s deployment options enable you to meet data sovereignty requirements and satisfy privacy needs. Zimbra also supports full multi-tenancy and delegated administration for hosting and service providers. Service providers can enjoy role-based delegated administration for creating domain settings or limited administration settings per account, a customizable web client experience and management of enduser features, quotas and storage policies via the Class-of-Service feature.

Superior End-User Experience

By providing a rich, consistent user experience on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)—online through all Web browsers and via any desktop email client (MS Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc.)—Zimbra increases enduser satisfaction and reduces support costs and user training needs. Zimbra’s easy-to-use interface also includes collaboration tools, sophisticated mail filters and powerful search for large inboxes, voicemail, calendars and attachments. Available in Zimbra version 8.8 and above:

  • Zimbra Chat: Peer-to-peer chat using XMPP. Know your company’s chat data is secure and private while your users enjoy searching chat history, emoticons, etc.
  • Zimbra Drive: Updated file sync and share functionality. Built on the ownCloud/Nextcloud platform, Zimbra Drive provides seamless synchronization and sharing of files between your users, wherever they are and on any device.

Realtime Backup & Restore

Zimbra’s new realtime backup and restore engine backs up every single item and event on your server with split second precision. It’s designed to avoid data loss using atomic and ever-consistent algorithms, while still saving disk space — up to 50% — thanks to an intelligent deduplication and compression system. It offers six restore features, from a single-item restore to complete disaster recovery. All of the restore modes are transparent to the end-user and are 100% OS, architecture and version independent.

Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)

Featuring advanced Zimbra store management and HSM, you can now manage multiple volumes and HSM policies through your Zimbra administration console. Save up to 50% of your valuable storage space, easily expand your Zimbra server by adding new volumes at will and improve your server performances by splitting the I/O load onto different storage media and use different tiers of storage equipment. And there is more — HSM also supports S3-compliant cloud and on-prem object storage.

Mobile Sync

What’s new about Zimbra’s mobile sync functionality? Users can now sync their shared Zimbra items along with all of their other Zimbra data. Using Exchange ActiveSync protocol, which is natively supported by the vast majority of mobile devices, your data will always be at your fingertips, without any middle-ware or dedicated client.

Security Features

Zimbra provides out-of-the-box functionality for 2-factor authentication, email encryption, secure comms via TLS, HTTPs and more. Zimbra is also easy to integrate with third-party security apps.

  • Two-Factor Authentication: Zimbra includes two-factor authentication, making your mailbox more secure by providing a physical layer for login.
  • Postscreen for Zimbra MTA: Keeping spambots away, Zimbra Postscreen leaves more SMTP server processes available for legitimate clients and delays the onset of server overload conditions.
  • S/MIME Digital Signatures & Encryption: Zimbra Collaboration Network Edition provides cryptographic security services for email: authentication, message integrity, non-repudiation of origin (using digital signatures) and privacy and data security (using encryption).

Simplified and Integrated Unified Communications

Unified communications are built into Zimbra with an all-new voice application that features out-of-the-box integration with Cisco and Mitel UC solutions accessible through the main user interface.

Archiving & Discovery

Zimbra Archiving and Discovery is an optional feature that enables you to archive messages that were delivered to or sent by Zimbra Collaboration and to search across mailboxes. It’s specially designed for legal and audit purposes.

Outlook Sync using MAPI (Zimbra Connector for Outlook)

If some of your users work with enterprise email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Zimbra provides a MAPI connector that allows your users to see their entire mailbox.

Open Source all the Way

Zimbra incorporates several open source projects under one supported and certified application to offer a world-class, open source collaboration software consumable for the enterprise. Built on leading open source components such as OpenLDAP, Jetty, MySQL, NGINX, Postfix and Apache Lucene, and Zimbra runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu and other Linux platforms.

Integrate with Your Business-Critical Applications

Do you have existing, critical line-of-business applications that you need to integrate with your collaboration software? You can do this with Zimbra using Zimbra’s open APIs and Zimlets. Zimlets are a mash up of other features and applications that work seamlessly with Zimbra

Simple Administration and Maintenance

Zimbra has an easy-to-use Web-based administration console, so your IT admins can securely access the application anywhere, anytime. Through the console, admins can easily manage access and policies for a diverse set of users in a large organization. Administration is also available via CLI. Zimbra also empowers end users through end-user self-service administration, reducing IT administration and support overhead and increasing end-user satisfaction.

New in Zimbra 8.8 is simplified Delegated Administration. In minutes, you can now grant Delegated Admin rights to users, allowing them to perform management tasks such as setting quotas, COS and user limits for your domains. Keep track of your delegated admins’ actions and your domain status with new reporting features, straight from your Zimbra administration console thanks to the dedicated Administration Zimlet.

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