Our Services
  • Power
  • Regulated Temperature
  • Safety Security
  • Facilities Management

CoLoCity has designed and developed its power infrastructure with Bangladesh’s power situation in mind. Considering the environment the facility has N+N backup diesel generators, N+N power distribution cabling from the generators to the power distribution board and N+N online UPS. In addition to reliable backup power we insure clean power starting from five separate earthing systems with resistance levels of below 0.5 ohm each.

Regulated Temperature
The facility is equipped with the world ’s first precision air-conditioning system that considers heat load in computer rooms and seasonally varying ambient temperatures. This German system selects the optimal operation mode to maintain the data centre temperature within ± 2°C whilst maintaining humidity within ± 5%. In addition the precision A/C system is energy efficient and environmental friendly by using R134a refrigerant that is not harmful to our environment and becoming the industry standard. Lastly, the precision A/C are deployed in an N+1 configuration.
Safety Security

CoLoCity has deployed industry leading security systems that are strategically installed and need to be passed to enter the data centre, the Network Operations Centre (NOC) and the Data centre floor. In addition a Man-trap and surveillance systems are incorporated to further control monitor movement of personal. VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and environmentally friendly FM200 fire suppression systems are installed throughout the Data Centre floor and the Power Room.

Facilities Management

From CoLoCity's Network Operations Centre (NOC) various environmental aspects of the facility including power (UPS & Generators), cooling, fire suppression and security are monitored and controlled by a central environment monitoring and controlling system. The NOC is manned 24x7x365. In addition we maintain aggressive SLA (Service Level Agreement) with all our vendors.